Tanie Militaria (Cheap Military Objects) is a big shop with replicas of weapons called ASG – Air Soft Gun, which are pistols, rifles that use airsoft pellets and the whole accompanying equipment such as weapon sights and uniforms. TanieMilitaria.pl is a stationary shop situated in Natolin, Warsaw and an Internet store selling in the entirety of Poland. They have got the biggest Polish YouTube channel ASG with over 30,000 subscribers.

We create from four to eight 15-minute films a month (depending on a month and circumstances: trade fairs, holidays etc.) and we put the whole film on YT while uploading a video trailer with a link on Facebook. Reviews of the replicas, descriptions on how to disassemble and clean them and of accessories, etc. The direct links from the videos lead to the Internet store while interested clients visit the stationary shop for “a replica that they saw in a video”. The films receive from 10,000 to over 115,000 views. The videos are vividly commented on and shared by fans.

Since September 2015 we’ve been shooting 4 to 8 product videos monthly. We’ve recently finished the 20th season of the videos, which brings it to a total of 120 films. The videos are presented in an air soft gun shop called taniemilitaria.pl and on their YouTube channel (over 20k subscribers).