Mrs Sporty is a chain of fitness clubs for women. As a part of an annual promotional collaboration with Mrs Sporty in Wola, Warsaw, we produce 4 films a month. Among them are mini-cycles:

  • a series of interviews with coaches of Mrs Sporty
  • advice on diet
  • the exercise of the month
  • announcements and promotions, ex. open days, new guidebook or nutrition programme Vital

This month we meet the personal coach Daniel among others and details concerning nutrition programme Vital. The material was shot in the client’s apartment in Wola in Warsaw using 2 cameras with their own LED lighting and wireless audio recording.

In meetings with the client and through e-mail we talk about schedule and strategies, vaguely for the whole year and in detail for the following month. The editing of the videos takes about 3 days and the completed film is sent to the client by electronic means. Mrs Sporty Wola has some good video content on FB to share once a week. Facebook is very fond of videos and positions them well, especially the natively uploaded ones and not through link to YouTube. At the end of each film we display a board with contact details of the Mrs Sporty club.